• Latest safety measures

          • Infection precautions


            To try to keep our school as safe as we can, we ask parents not to enter the school building when dropping off, or picking up their child, unless absolutely necessary. Teachers will help if it is needed to deliver children and their belongings to parents, who we kindly ask to wait outside of the playground entrance. Pre-school parents can wait at the back door but are allowed to step inside the dressing area to assist their children.
            We also kindly ask all parents and visitors to wear a mask inside the building.

            In case your child was ill or has symptoms of a cold, please keep him/her at home. We will send all children with symptoms of an illness home.

            Please allow your child back only if he/she as a negative test, either an official or one done at home. 

            Thank you for your cooperation.

          • Math Competition

          • Proud to present Grade 4 team, ‘Matekokosok’ with Miss Betti and their certificates for 3rd place at the Bolyai Mathematics Team Competition. 
            Great work, well done!