• Bacsa, Gyula

      • Grade 2 Class Teacher, Teacher of English, IPC and P.E.

        Gyula is a qualified P.E. teacher with over ten years of teaching experience in the U.K.

        After being awarded QTS (Qualified Teacher Status), Gyula became a cover teacher in London and later became a primary school class teacher. As such, Gyula taught nearly all primary school subjects and learned what it is like to be an international teacher. Gyula's experience has made behaviour management a strong feature of his teaching.

        Staff see him as a funny, entertaining, hardworking individual, who is very family-centred and is ready to tackle every obstacle life throws at him.

      • Bacsáné Nógrádi, Edit

      • Pre-school Teaching Assistant

        Edit joined the Szeged IPS team with her teacher husband, Gyula when they moved back to Hungary from the U.K. Edit worked as a laboratory assistant in London but felt like taking a break. As a mother of two, Edit has sound experience with young children, so she is currently the classroom assistant in pre-school. Edit says this is a much-needed change in her life and she thoroughly enjoys working with our little ones, who have grown fond of her very much. This is because Edit has a calm, patient and thoughtful nature that young children are drawn to.

        In her free time, Edit enjoys spending time with her family.

      • Bordi, Csanád

      • Pre-school Teacher, Teacher of IPC and Hungarian

        Before earning his degree as a Kindergarten Teacher at the University of Szeged, Csanád lived in the UK for 4 years and studied childcare at the Online University of Cambridge. Caring for children is one of the things he is best at as his kind nature and attentiveness towards his students are unmatchable. Always patient and gentle with a voice that radiates calm, children feel safe and secure in his presence.

        Csanád is the perfect male role model for children: fair, respectful, fit, active, energetic and tender all at the same time. We all wish we had a kindergarten teacher like him.

      • Chisnall, Sonja

      • Teacher of Conversational English and IPC, IPC coordinator

        Sonja's background is truly international: her family originates from Holland but she was born in New-Zealand and she has lived in the U.K. as well. Sonja has a degree in Early Childhood Teaching and has experienced a diverse range of early childhood centers including international kindergartens, Montessori's and even special needs schools, where she gained valuable knowledge of different working systems, curriculums and teaching philosophies.

        Sonja has been at Szeged IPS since its first day and she is a valuable asset of the teaching team. Her passion for teaching, her creativity, her sensitivity to children's needs make Sonja the ideal teacher, who can always be relied on. Always striving to become a better version of herself as a person and as a teacher, Sonja is supportive and loving towards all the people she is surrounded by, young or adult.

      • Csorba, Attila

      • Teacher of Mathematics and Science

        Attila is one of the newly joined members of staff; he graduated in 2001 as a biology-chemistry teacher. Attila has always thought teaching was an incredibly rewarding field of work. As a teacher, Attila’s goal is to make children love his subjects as much as he loves them. It was precisely this love of science that led Attila to delve into the depths of research, a job that led him on a different path to teaching. After several years working as a researcher and private tutor, Attila is now back in the classroom to devote himself to education as a full-time teacher in upper school.

      • Dominik Demeter
      • Dominik Demeter

      • Grade 8 Class Teacher, Teacher of History, English and IMYC

        Dominik knew he wanted to work in no other school than Szeged IPS halfway through his interview. The feeling was mutual so leadership grabbed hold of him even before Dominik could finish his university studies much to the satisfaction of students, parents and teachers alike.

        Dominik's main subjects are English and History but he has proven himself as a valuable teacher of IMYC. As a real entertainer, Dominik gains children's attention easily and they all love his lessons. Staff are fond of Dominik due to his positive vibes, big smiles and his resourcefulness. Dominik's teaching methodologies utilize gamification methodologies, which include code-cracking, point systems, digital quests, riddles, research, Classcraft and more.

        Dominik's main interests are culinary arts, literature, eco-friendly lifestyles, gamification, gardening, fantasy writing, political science and music.

      • Gombos Brigitta
      • Gombos, Brigitta

      • Grade 5, 6 Class Teacher, Teacher of Hungarian, History and IPC

        Brigitta gained her teaching degree in 2021 and decided to continue her studies for a PhD.
        A very hardworking and motivated teacher, Brigitta expects students to perform their best but not without help. Brigitta motivates students through her openness, her class games, her exciting class point system, her methods of gamifying her taught topics to name but a few examples.

        Staff value Brigitta's ideas, creativity, attention to detail and friendly personality.

      • Gombos Brigitta
      • Kovács, Kata

      • Teacher of Hungarian as a foreign language, English and Art

        Kata is an experienced and very much valued member of the team. Kata acquired a wide range of teaching methodologies and invaluable experience having taught in Hungary, the U.K. and Spain, where she worked in a variety of school types and age ranges. Kata’s ambition and creative ideas make her an advocate of alternative education, which she makes great use of in Szeged IPS.

        The twenty years Kata has spent in education gave her the opportunity to understand the way children feel valued and cared for. These are the two motivating factors behind Kata’s approach and the reason she has decided to work with children.

        In her free time, Kata feeds her passion for art and literature; she writes short stories about a misfit named M.

      • Mester, Bettina
      • Mester, Bettina

      • Grade 5 Class Teacher, Teacher of Mathematics and IPC

        Bettina gained her teaching degree in Serbia and started to teach in Szeged IPS immediately after. Bettina strives to pass on her love of numbers, logic and mathematics to her students. It is Bettina's belief that children should have a solid foundation in this subject in order to succeed in math later in life.

        Bettina's direct, no-nonsense approach to communication is valued by her students who know exactly what her expectations are. A powerful role model for her students, Bettina is a beloved and respected class teacher.

        Bettina is also a talented singer, dancer and musician making her a main character of every major school event.

      • Mester, Bettina
      • Ökrös, Tímea

      • Grade 3 Class Teacher, Head of English, Teacher of English

        Tímea has spent her childhood and adult life in five countries. Becoming a teacher happened before earning her teaching degree and Tímea has, since then, taught children of innumerable nationalities in several countries in all types of schools: state, international, primary and secondary.

        Her wide range of experience has equipped Tímea with the knowledge and skills to cater for the needs of children with backgrounds and abilities on each end and every point of these spectrums.

        The teaching team see Tímea as a fair, consistent and strong leader, who advocates equality. Tímea is clear about her goals to make Szeged IPS an outstanding school and has high expectations of both students and teachers.

      • Mester, Bettina
      • Solti, Attila

      • Grade 1 Class Teacher, Teacher of Hungarian and IPC

        Attila has been a teacher and trainer for over 20 years having gained experience with all age groups from kindergarten to secondary. Attila loves all his students; this is immediately noticeable in the warm tone of his voice when addressing children and in his endless patience with them. Attila's job is his passion, motivating him to show students how wonderful the world, literature and grammar, and languages are.

        Attila says he feels inspired by working among the smiley teachers of Szeged IPS.

      • Vida, Ibolya
      • Vida, Ibolya

      • Teacher of IPC and Hungarian, Teaching Assistant, Afternoon Supervisor

        Ibolya became a member of staff in 2021 after completing her university studies. Ibolya's beautifully spoken English, her kindness, humbleness and sensitivity set a great example for the children of our school as she adds true human values to the world of our day and age.

        Ibolya takes her responsibilities very seriously and dedicates time and effort into learning new approaches to teaching. Ibolya is eager to learn from senior teachers, implementing their ideas into her teaching methodologies with care. Ibolya is a talented artist and enjoys gardening, folk and jazz music, art history, theatre, sewing and bead work.

      • Mester, Bettina
      • Vörös, Imola

      • Teacher of Hungarian as a Foreign Language and English, Afternoon Supervisor

        Imola gained her teaching degree in 2022. Imola always wanted to be a teacher and work with children so choosing a university course did not cause her any difficulties. English and History were always the subjects Imola loved. In the classroom, Imola’s objective is to pass on her passion for the past in as many creative ways as possible keeping communication and creativity in the center of focus in the education process. Imola says children give her joy and motivate her to be better as a teacher every day. In her leisure time Imola likes travelling with her friends, cooking delicious food and doing sports.