• Vision

      • Our motto, "Learn to learn, love to learn, live to learn" is the driving force behind our vision, goals and everyday life at Szeged IPS.

        It is our objective to enrich the world with self-educators who are capable of continuous learning throughout their lifetime and to equip students with the skills, knowledge and understanding that will enable them to thrive in an unpredictable future.   

        It is also our goal to provide a change to the educational scene in our region of the country by offering forward approaches to education and high quality international schooling opportunities.

      • Mission Statement

      • At Szeged IPS, we view our students as unique individuals with their own personal strengths, which we build on to ensure each student's maximum potential is achieved. Our school sets high academic standards yet provides a homely and safe atmosphere for students to work, socialize and play.

        Szeged IPS teachers are caring and supportive. The motivation of teaching staff is to form close relationships with students and their focus is on fuelling collaboration instead of competition between learners teaching them the value of working in groups early on. Most important, however, is teachers' mission to get children to enjoy, be fond of each subject through a variety of metholodological practices. Promoting a growth mindset is also crucial to our approach; children are not afraid to make mistakes, to ask questions and to  freely express themselves.

        Learning is enhanced by having small class sizes, regular project-based learning opportunities, shorter than average lessons, a healthy food policy, daily outdoor play and extra-curricular activities.

        Szeged IPS is strongly defined by the international curricula we have adopted, namely the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC), two world-renowned teaching programs developed by select experts. IPC and IMYC enable students to develop sophisticated international and intercultural perspectives among many other skills. You can read more about these curricula under our module titled 'IPC, IMYC'.

        Equal emphasis, however, is placed on national values, culture and traditions. This is not only to meet certain standards set out in the Hungarian National Curriculum but to deeply root into our students -our Hungarian students, in particular- a healthy pride of their national heritage.

        We teach, promote and role model self awareness, confidence, creativity, emotional intelligence, adaptability, clear communication, effective problem-solving, knowledge of languages and the desire for life-long learning.

      • Values

      • Our core values are in tune with the IPC and IMYC personal goals, all of which are encompassed by international mindedness. 


        These are:

        • Enquiry
        • Resilience
        • Morality
        • Communication
        • Thoughtfulness
        • Co-operation
        • Respect
        • Adaptability