• Parental contribution fees for the academic year of 2023/2024




      Annual parental contribution fees



      Grade 1-4.


      Grade 5-8.


      Registration fee



      The above amounts are annual fees which to be paid in 10 installments over a 10-month period.

      Discount according to payment frequency
      If prepaid in 2 installments a 2% discount is provided, in case of a annual prepayment 4% discount.

      Discount for siblings
      In case of two or more pupils from the same family is attending Szeged IPS, the school provides a lower fee for the siblings. The eldest child is subject to 100% of fees, for the second oldest child, 70% of the fee is payable, for further siblings 40% of the fee.

      Most afternoon clubs are included in the price. The parental contribution fees do not include meals, your child's school equipment or textbooks.